How to write an article review?

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Understanding the text; primary spelling; select the blocks in the recall and mixed format feedback are the most familiar for all essay-writers structure that applied to write essay article review. In order to write a worthy college essay on the article and get hundreds of good comments on your work it is worth sticking to a few basic rules that exist for writing similar works. To begin with, you should carefully read the text, and perhaps not just once to understand the essence of the idea that the author was trying to convey and at the same time you should have your own opinion about the ideas of the author of this article and the article itself. At the same time, your opinion as an experienced writer should not be emotional, even if you do not agree with some expressions, you must adhere to an objective point of view. Simultaneously with reading the article, make notes on the margins of the book or on separate sheets of paper, writing out the main ideas of the article and the quotation there, so that you do not spend a lot of time then to find them again. The integral principle of such work is critical reading, the main task of which is to ask questions on the article, what would be understood about what is at stake.
Here are the questions worth to ask:

-what is the main problem the author or creator is trying to raise?

-which author gives evidence that confirms his or her point of view?

-what are the strong points in the arguments?

-what facts can be countered by the author’s statements, or what kind of opposition does he himself make?

Do not over tighten. The most suitable time for the initial writing of the composition is immediately after reading, while the ideas are still fresh. If there is no such possibility, then do it as soon as possible.
Determine which reaction is the strongest. Since the essay-response is subjective in nature and there cannot be a single “right” reaction in it, it is necessary to indicate not only your opinion on the work. Sort out your reactions and thoughts, and focus on those who have more evidence in the form of text.
Depending on the requirements in the assignment, you may need to come across structural or multiple arguments for discussion. Even if there are several problems, they all need to be interlinked. The important difference between the usual theses and the structural arguments is that the theses usually prove the question, fact or point of view. Structural arguments require the author to analyze the reading in a continuous manner. For an essay of four to five pages, the final part should consist of an ordinary paragraph. For shorter work, cut it down to three sentences.
If it is appropriate, explain how the work influenced the genre or society for which it was written.