Descriptive essay as the lightest in writing

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Nowadays colleges require to have ability to write an essays of high level in appropriate way and a great number of essay writers still do not have these skills. Therefore, this article is dedicated to how to write a special type of essay – descriptive that often consider as narrative. Initially, to understand what it is, the student must realize what he will describe and what is the purpose of this. The subject of the description can be anything, for example, nature, animals, people or interior, phenomenon or physical process. The main and only rule of the essay description is to give an accurate description of what you saw, what would make the reader understand what you are talking about. Therefore, the text should contain many adverbs and existential. Surprisingly, there is one distinguishing feature between the essay description and the story, it is the use of verbs. Since there are no movements in the descriptions, this is a verbal picture that gives an idea of what that subject, the phenomenon, etc. It was created to give the reader “see” the same as the author saw. If the verbs in the descriptions are used, then only in one form. For example, only in the past tense, or only in the present, or only in the future tense. My advice: use the imperfective past verbs in the description. An example of a typical text-description “The sky was clear, clean, soft blue. Light white clouds, illuminated on one side by a pink glint, floated lazily in the transparent silence. The East was alle and flaming, casting in other places with mother-of-pearl and silver”. (AI Kuprin). What are the descriptions? The style of description may vary depends on for whom it dedicated. For example, the text presented above is a vivid example of an artistic description. The author has set a goal to influence our imagination, to induce “to see” and to feel the beauty of the morning sky. For this, the writer used not only a series of adjectives, but epithets and metaphors. The author picked up such nouns and verbs, which denote the signs of the sky. Another means of artistic expressiveness, which applied Kuprin, called comparison (the stripes from the rays exactly spread out the fingers). Thus, this example of text is a text-description in the artistic style of speech, and we can certainly meet it in an artistic work. The description can be in the scientific, and official-business style, as well as the description can be found in the journalistic texts. Scientific descriptions are usually technical characteristics of an object, process or phenomenon. In texts of this type, special terms and specific information must be present. In the scientific, and in the official-business styles of descriptions, the use of expressive means of language is inappropriate, as in artistic texts. By themselves, separately, the high-school descriptive essays almost never occur. Usually descriptions are used in narrative text or in text-reasoning of different styles so that the reader or listener can well imagine the hero, the place of action, the phenomenon, the process, etc.