The sense of expository essay

Expository essay performs a supervisory function. It gives an opportunity to check the examiner comprehensively. In order to write high college level essay, you need to understand that if speech is an act of an intelligence, then the essay like the oral answer, reflects the level of intellectual development of its author. The essay gives a possibility to judge both the sum of the actual knowledge of the literature, their depth, awareness, the ability of the student to treat them, and the availability of the speech skills necessary to affect others. That is why it is undesirable to replace the expository essay with dictation.
The substantial function of a such essay determines the nature of topics offered to applicants and graduates of the preparatory departments. However, they do not differ in content and language from school exam topics. These are either themes on works of art studied in school (for example, Beauty and wisdom of lyrical digressions in N. Gogol’s poem “Dead Souls”), or on art works read independently (for example, Hero-worker in the newest Soviet literature) or “free” topics (for instance, Man of achievement in my submission).
From the point of view of the grammatical (syntactical) design, the themes can be given in the form of a concept, in the form of a question and in the form of judgment.
The content of the topic, its grammatical design, the target setting by the writer – all this determines the type of speech, the genre and compositional features, as well as the emotional mood of the author. Therefore, improve the ability to write an essay means to learn the all features according to their genres and use them in comprehensive for reader’s way. The genre principle conventionally refers to the separate teaching of composition-description, composition-narration, composition-reasoning.
Very often applicants and graduates of preparatory departments write essays without a psychological attitude toward a certain genre of speech. Ignoring the genre principle, the examiner denies the plan of the composition (both as a “program of verbal actions”, and as a compositional plan for the text of the work) and the normative use of word usage, since all this is indicated by the genre. The inability to choose the genre-compositional form of the expression and ways of oral point, appropriate to it, are the main signs of undeveloped speech and spelling as well.
So, what does it mean to develop your speech? It is common knowledge that to develop a speech is to learn how to use in your speech activity a literary language. The ultimate goal of working on the improvement is the formation of an independent (i.e., personal) literary syllable. “Mental adulthood begins for a person only when his syllable is established and takes his last store” (Herzen).
The system of work that considering as the most effective and working on the formation of a literary syllable is, in our opinion, a system that is based on the correlation of the concepts of language and speech. And this correlation must be borne in mind by the one who teaches and the one who learns: setting for the development of an independent literary syllable requires the expansion of ideas about the language, at least in terms of terminology.