Why Review is Important in Essay Writing

Rewrite, view and rewrite again- this is the scheme that you must manage if you want to create a really good essay.

A good writer often rewrites and reviews his or her work. After creating the first paragraphs, have one or two days off, then go back to work and look at it in a new way. Make appropriate changes to the content and pay attention to proper spelling and grammar.

Such actions may cause a desire to create a new project, and then combine the best of both into the final work. Writing a new project may inspire you to think about new ideas or the best way to tell your story.

Make sure your story sounds like it’s coming from the inside. The audience should not feel hours and days of preparation. Create an impression that listeners know you for a long time. It’s better to be yourself than to say what you think the audience wants to hear.

Make sure your essay will be read from beginning to end. You must create an intrigue that will make audience read or listen to your story to the end. Do not reveal the final part of the story at the beginning

And final – ask yourself the following questions:

Was my story interesting and whether it attracted people’s attention?

Are there some confusing parts?

Are there spelling or grammar errors?

Do I speak sincerely?

Does the essay respond properly to the query?

After the editor (or two, or more) views your project, it’s time to re-review and re-write it again.

Using Quotes in Essay

While writing an essay, apart from adhering to academic rules and writing requirements, there are still some points that are important to follow in order to create a good essay and impress the listeners. They have a psychological rather than academic character.

That’s why it’s important not only to write well, but also to make sure that your writing meets the needs of the audience.

Tell your readers or listeners about different and fluent opinions – this sounds like one of the main rules of a successful essay writing.

Essay is your chance to demonstrate how widely you are aware of a specific topic, so make sure you refer to the thoughts of other people and original sources.

The use of opinions of reputable people, or the use of authoritative sources will create an atmosphere of confidence in the audience – they will know for sure that your positions are correct, because they coincide with the views of prominent people.

You should also look for opposing views; it will be a kind of insurance – in fact not everyone can support your ideas, and the availability of alternative thinking will be able to satisfy all the audience. It will also make your essay multifaceted.

For each item in your work, create a separate page in the notebook – mark here the important celebrities in this field, describe their views and principles that are in tune with yours. So, you will have something to say when creating an essay. You will have samples to refer to in order to better shape your own opinion and to convince the audience.

Citation is great and convincing, but it’s not worth taking too much. Do not cite too much; you can mix a quote with your own thoughts so that it won’t look like you are hiding behind the words of other people.

You can also use quotes that you disagree with. However, only if you have a sufficient number of arguments to prove this position. It shows that you have well thought out the topic and made your own conclusion, and not blindly accepted what the famous scientist or celebrities said.

 This technique demonstrates the strong skills of critical thinking – one of the signs of a diligent and wise writer.